For over 35 years, Global Access has been at the forefront of the lighting and automation industries, pioneering with new technologies while bringing major energy savings to its customers.

Originally founded in Lima, Peru; Global Access accounts for having serviced about 95% of all major commercial developments in the country. Furthermore, Global Access was one of the founding members of the Green Building Council in Peru, which aims to achieve LEED standards in all new construction in the country. Our continuous success, has earned the respect of major institutions such as Hotels, Universities, Banks, Embassies, Hospitals and more.

Global Access brings a unique boutique-style solution to the market which is changing the way companies and end-users do business by providing industry-leading products with exceptional service at unbeatable prices.

At Global Access, we are taking our commitment to quality products and services to new heights. We don’t take shortcuts and are dedicated to designing and executing exceptional projects.