Clínica Internacional

Lima, peru

The Challenge: This 12 story, 235,632 Sq.Ft. building (including 6 underground levels), required a smart, efficient and low-maintenance lighting system. Given the complexity of the scope and due to the building being susceptible to change due to its nature, the project required a flexible and fully-configurable system capable of being reprogrammed on demand at any given time. 

Additionally, the owners intended to create a self-sustainable and environmentally friendly project achieved through maximum energy savings.

The Solution: Global Access proposed a system with Lutron's flagship total-control system: Quantum. Through advanced dimming solutions, the staff was given the capability to dim any space from Zero to 100% and thus be able to perform their duties with optimum light levels for any given task. Motion sensors, installed in every office, assisted with energy savings by turning the lights off on any un-occupied spaces.

Additionally, wireless daylight sensors were installed in every area of the building with exterior windows to maximize the use of daylight by automatically dimming all fixtures within that space. The more daylight comes in, the lower the lights will dim and so on. No human intervention required. 

Both the parking lot and stairwell are also equipped with wireless motion sensors and dimmable ballasts which allow fixtures to dim from Zero to 100%. The system is programmed to maintain the lowest code-compliant levels 24/7 and only go to higher levels upon detecting a person or vehicle passing by.